MENS MONDAY 16/09/20196:00 6:40 7:20 8:00
18/09/20196:00 6:40 7:20 8:00




MONDAY 26th August


MONDAY 2nd September

Heffron Park AFL Fields 6-8pm

Jersey Road, Matraville 






·      VENUE:  Games will be held on the AFL Fields at Heffron Park, Jersey Rd, Maroubra

·      GAME TIMES:  Games will be at 6pm, 6:40pm, 7:20pm and 8pm

·       COMP DETAILS: Summer comp will run for 14 weeks total, 12 rounds + 2 rounds of finals.

MONDAY MENS COMP: Starting Monday 16th September, Grand Finals Monday 16th December

WEDNESDAY MIXED & WOMENS COMP: Starting Wednesday 18th September, Grand Finals Wednesday 18th December

WASHOUT ROUND: If needed, a washout round will be played on SUNDAY 1st DECEMBER. 

·      COST:  MENS & MIXED COMP $100 per player. Minimum payment of 10 players at registration. No team will be put into the competition without a minimum of 10 player payments and a completed Registration Form on or before Rego Night.  

     WOMENS TEAMS $75 per player.

·      BONUS POINTS:  3 bonus points to all teams paid in full before start of competition.

·      FREE BALL:  All teams who pay 10 minimum players on or before Registration night will receive a free Steeden ball.

·      TEAMS:  Minimum 10 players, with no maximum. Mixed teams play with 4 men and 4 women on the field - maximum of 4 men on field at all times. Unlimited interchanges permitted.

·      NON-PAYMENT PENALTY:  Teams will not receive points for any round until fully paid. Full payment must be received by ROUND 1 to receive team points.

·      REGISTRATION FORM:  Teams must complete the South East Oztag Registration Form and hand it in on or before Rego Night. Signatures can be completed on first night of competition. 

·      PLAYING GEAR: All players must wear Official Oztag Shorts ($30) or Tights ($35) available at the ground every playing night or online at: www.oztagger.com.au Players are not allowed to take the field without official Oztag shorts or tights. All teams must wear matching team shirts with numbers by Round 3.  

·      PLAYING GEAR PENALTIESFrom Round 3 onwards, one try will be deducted for each player out of uniform during a game.

·      REGISTRATION FORM:  Teams must complete the South East Oztag Registration Form and hand it in on or before Rego Night. Signatures can be completed on first night of competition. 

·      FORFEITS: Teams are to contact our Grounds Co-ordinator, Chubbs (0418 899 889), prior to 3pm on match day if you are forfeiting a match. Teams who fail to notify us before 3pm will incur a $25 FORFEIT FEE. Forfeiting teams will be given a loss and minus 5 points with the opposition being awarded a win and plus 5 points.

·      DRAWS / TABLES: Temporary draws will be placed online for the first 3 weeks of competition. All teams must check online prior for their game times. 

·      PLAYING UNREGISTERED PLAYERS "RING INS":  Any team found to be playing players that are not registered to that team will lose their points for the game. The opposition will be awarded the 3 point win.

·      INJURIES: All injuries must be reported to the desk and recorded on the night.

·      REFUNDS:  Once a player has taken the field to play, playing fees cannot be refunded. 

·      WET WEATHER:  All wet weather notifications will be placed on the website by 4pm on game day. Managers will also be notified by text if games are called off. Every attempt will be made to make up wet weather games, dependant on council.



·      IN PERSON: Print and complete a Team Registration Form and bring payment to the Rego Night: Monday 26th August and Monday 2nd September, Heffron Park AFL Fields Canteen, Jersey Rd, Matraville, 6-8pm.

·       EMAIL / TRANSFER: Email rego forms to: southeast@oztag.com.au and Netbank Payment as one lump sum (be sure to include team name). Must be received by 2nd September, 2019

           NAME:  South East Senior Oztag

           BSB:     062-136

           ACC:    10303040